My October Birchbox - Stylist's Pick!


Well, it's been a while between my last post and today - oops! I was intending to do a little #BirchBrag post of the items i've purchased since my very first box last month, but time has not been on my side!!! Don't fear though, one is on the way.. but first up is a look at what's inside my October Birchbox!

I'd like to firstly mention how excited I was to discover I would actually get this month's box for FREE! I was getting a little worried after the billing day came and went and no money had been taken from my account, so after a phone call to Birchbox I was pleasantly surprised to hear that because I had referred at least 2 friends this month, I wouldn't have to pay for my box as a thank you. So, there you have it folks.. All I did was tell my besties how much I loved it, and they wanted to try it too (and by signing up via my referral, I too have a discount code which will land you 50 free Birchbox points to spend in the Birch shop, which I believe also entitles you to a half price subscription for your first box!! I'll leave you my link at the end of this post!) and I got my little monthly surprise gifted to me - does it get any better than that?

So I was given a choice this month between 2 boxes, the 'Back to Basics' pick or a 'Stylist's Pick' box by a stylist guest editor. I chose the Stylist box as it appealed to me the most, and I really loved the box design too!

I opened my box to find 6 products - yipee, and one of which was a full sized product too, even better!! I really loved the colours of my box and inner packaging too, so I was eager to get stuck in.

First up, and something I was really, really excited to receive was the 'When - Travel Mate Sheet Mask'. I'm off to Australia in just 10 days so I've been gearing up for my long, long, long haul flight (did I mention it was long?) Heathrow, to Singapore, to Brisbane is going to knock it out of anyone. I've been investing in my skincare lately and I really suffer with combined skin - both extremes of a seriously oily T-zone as well as severe dry patches, but I have finally managed to get a steady balance and my acne, after 12+ years is finally clearing up. SO, the last thing I want to do, especially before a holiday is mess that all up. Airplanes really dry your skin out, so it's really important especially when flying for long a duration to keep your skin hydrated. So i'm going to save this for my flight in a bid to help my skin, it looks really exciting, I love the packaging and it's simply a sheet to lay over my face so it's easy to apply and discard of without having to wash anything off! I can't wait to scare everyone on board with a big white sheet covering my face... is it Halloween after all right?

Next in my box was 'Yogi Flow' by Rituals. A foaming shower gel sensation is what it claims, and the scent is Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil. It smells absolutely divine. I really can't wait to use it - but again, i'm saving this one for Australia as we're headed off to Sydney whilst we're there and staying in a Penthouse (i'm too excited for that!!) so I can pack that in my weekend bag! I've heard so much about this product though, and that it lathers instantly. I'll update you just as soon as I use it!!

I've recently had my hair chopped short (as well as coloured lighter), so I've been on the hunt for new hair products to suit my 'new do'. I was excited to get 'PARLOUR' by Jeff Chastain, which is a Smoothing Blowout Spray. This is one of the things I love about Birchbox is that it doesn't just focus on one area and includes a mix products. I haven't had the chance to try this yet - sorry! But I will be tomorrow so i'll update this later. I've got very frizzy ends with flat roots - so i'm hoping this will give me the right balance of volume and taming!!

Bioderma Sensibo H2O was up next, a cleansing Micellar soloution for make-up removal. Like I mentioned before I've really been investing time (and money) into my shaking up my skin care regime, so this was a much welcomed sample. I was a little worried about adding a new product in case it unbalanced all of my hard work so far, but I've heard lots about Micellar water recently so I wanted to give it a go. One of my pet hates is removing make-up so anything to make it a little easier when I'm tired - i'm all for it!! My usual routine to remove make up is to simply wash my face with my Simple face wash (as I have sensitive skin some times!!) but for those nights when you're getting to bed really late and you're so tired and bleary eyed, the last thing I want to do is splash my face with some water!! So I had one of these nights the other night, and I simply applied a few drops onto a cotton pad and away I wiped. I used a pad for each side of my face, and then repeated it again to make sure I got it all off... all from the comfort of my own sofa! Perfect. It was really kind on my skin, wasn't drying or oily, and it didn't irritate my eyes at all either. 10/10 from me! This will also be making it into my on-flight bag as it'll be great to freshen up my face a little once we touch down in Oz! 

My last sample sized product was actually a perfume sample. Honestly, this box couldn't have been more appropriate for my travelling if it tried!! This was 'English Laundry No.7' this is a really lovely scent. My signature scent is Coco Chanel Mademoiselle, I wear it every day and I love it - so it's hard to turn my nose away from it. I had however heard so much about this perfume, and it is rated so, so well on Birchbox too by others that have tried it that I was so happy to received a sample. I really, really love the scent, and I will take it on my flight as a little freshen up. But for me with perfumes, I really have to get to know the smell before I invest, so I think i'll wear it for a day and see how I like it! 

The final product in my box though, which was a full sized product was the '100% Pure - Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze' which I received in shade 'Rose Petal'. A seriously good for you lipstick? When I first reached for this out of my box, undone the wrapper and opened the box.. I thought it was a tampon! This immediately and because I wasn't so 'in love' with the packaging put me off of the product. If I was in a store, admittedly - I would have probably walked past it!! I don't like the packaging or the design on the product itself, it just isn't me... however... and they say, don't judge a book by it's cover, this could not have been a more perfect shade for me! It's really quite close to my natural lip colour, so its sort of like the perfect warm autumn-nude for me. And I am not a very lipstick kind of gal (only because I don't feel confident to rock it yet, I get paranoid it's all smudged up my lips!) but this isn't really a lipstick, it's more like a balm. It's made simply from organic fruits, avocado and cocoa butter which I think is amazing. Nourishment for your lips, and a little hint of shine and colour too. I really love this for a day to day lip colour, whereas usually I wear nothing!! 

So there you have it, that was my October Birchbox. I hope I didn't bore you all too much ;) I really enjoy giving you a little peek inside my box, so that you can get an honest review from an everyday 'gal' - so I hope you enjoy reading!! If you've been thinking of joining Birchbox, or even if you've only just heard of it just now but are interested, if you are going to join up please go ahead and use my discount code just click here

I'll have another blog post soon all about my purchases from the Birch Box shop which I purchased using my Birch points - that's another wonderful thing I find about Birchbox is that you are rewarded all of the time. You earn points for your box every month, points for leaving feedback on their website, points for buying products - so much, and they really start to total up! Every 100 points you can redeem for £10! So not only do I get to try out the products in my box each month, I can save up my points and try out other products without spending a penny too!

That's all from me,
Paige xxx


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