Smoothie Prep Thursday!

Aloha! I planned to do a little holiday shop post today, but, what with the awful gloomy weather it was so dark today it could have been night time! I was so ready to snuggle up on the sofa with my favourite Cath K blanket and watch Homes Under The Hammer repeats all day.

I was lacking all motivation but I needed to clean the apartment, do the washing, do the food shopping, and get to the gym! I was about ready to say 'stuff it for today, it's my day off' but I just so happened to take a photo, I was curious to see if my legs had made any progress (as of tomorrow I'll have completed 2 weeks). I thought I was wishful thinking, but I was just curious.

Anyhow, I compared.. and it was like all motivation just came at me all at once. I was so happy to be able to see a difference, i'd been really unhappy having not lost much weight at all but there it was, photographic evidence. So i'm rather pleased and I got off of my butt and got on with what I needed to get done today!!

I've also started on a Thursday afternoon doing some serious smoothie prep for the week!! George & I recently invested in a NutriBullet and we've been trying to have a smoothie each morning (or at least on a week day) but when we're in a rush, chopping up some mango seems to take forever when you're trying to get out the door on time for work. So the genius that I am decided I would prep it all in one go and pack them up, freeze them, and simply pull them out each morning. Et voila, smoothie in seconds!

Today I grabbed 2 punnets of Blueberries, 2 punnets of Raspberries, 2 punnets of Strawberries, a Pineapple and 4 Mangoes. I gave them all a good rinse, chopped up the fruits that needed to be chopped and reused the punnets to make a 'pick n mix' type of thing, and without the washing up!

I measure everything out for 2 people as George & I halve the tall NutriBullet cup (I think that's a 2 portion cup anyway) and then put them into the handy 2 small cups so we can run out the door with them and have them on the go!

You can use any zip lock, reusable, disposable whatever you like freezer bag - but i've found these ikea ones are brilliant. They were dirt cheap and you get 50 in a pack, 25 large and 25 smaller - i've used the smaller! I pop them inside of the NB cup (as this saves washing it out for the next smoothie) have some fun mixing up some different flavours, then I just pull them out, close them and pop them in the freezer. Easy peasy! 

I'm really enjoying having a smoothie in the morning, it packs in so many fruit portions that I can have on the go - and it tastes delicious too. These were just some really simple fruit smoothies but I want to get into the habit of adding some spinach or chia seeds for example for an extra boost. I haven't yet had time to look up some recipes (I don't trust myself to make a tasty one just yet) but I will be doing so! If you've got some good ones, please feel free to post them in a comment below - i'd love to try them!!

That's all I wanted to share today, I'm excited to finish week 2 of BBG tomorrow, and SO excited to start week 3. Australia, i'm coming for you! (73 days and counting...)


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