Welcome to our humble abode!

Our home. We moved into our apartment in February 2015. We're settled but still a long way off of completely making it our own. Here's a quick mid snap of our living room. I should really get around to photographing to show you all - but i'm reluctant to do so until we start 'making it our own'.

Luckily and wonderfully enough it was a new build apartment, with brand new appliances for both kitchen and bathroom, and modern white wash decor throughout. Just our style! But I absolutely love interior design and I have always planned to decorate or at least 'style' it up! But I seem to have had a creative block, just too many ideas I don't know which yet to pursue. I'm hoping in the new few months to get going though! I'll keep you posted ;)

TV/Console Unit - Ikea
Rug - Plantation Rug Company
Dining Table & Chairs - Blue Sun Tree (unfortunately, not the best experience of my life)


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  1. Lovely space! Now more photos of the LA chandeliers I covet, please! X