Holiday shopping!

How else do you spend your day off? Shopping of course! And luckily for me George too has a taste for good fashion so he doesn't mind a shop (well, unless I supposedly take too long in the changing room.. me?) so we headed to Bluewater, our nearest biggest shopping centre. 

We spent far too much money, but we're gearing up ready for our trip to Australia in October. We are off to visit not only Aus, but also some of George's family too who live our in Brisbane, we can't wait!

I spotted this dress, and fell in love with the print. I'm really loving white at the moment, which is really not the right colour for a klutz like me who without fail will drop and/or spill everything down me (or sometimes even your brand new sofa too!) BUT I just really love the fresh, crispness of the colour. Admittedly, it would look alot better with a tan, but hey.. I do live in the UK!

I also picked up a few other pieces including a new bra and knicker set from Victoria's Secret. I've been wanting to shop here ever since it came over to the UK (I last visited back in the US nearly 6 years ago!) but never got around to it. I really needed to invest in some new basics. I've never really spent money on underwear before, i'm a real "Plain Jane" when it comes to underwear (don't get me wrong I love pretty, but comfort for me is key) so I'm always put off by the frills and frou-fra of lingerie stores. But I absolutely fell in love with their T-shirt Demi Bra's, and they fit like heaven. So I nabbed one in the Black Marl colourway, with matching briefs too (duh, George was paying! haha). I will be back for more pronto, I can't wash it fast enough!



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